To lease or to buy? That is the question

There are a number of benefits to both buying or leasing a vehicle. For many people, it comes down to being a personal choice that depends on a person’s needs and lifestyle. Consider the following benefits of both. When leasing a vehicle, you have the option of driving a vehicle during its most trouble-free years. People can also choose a late mode vehicle to lease that the manufacturer’s warranty covers. The warranty may also cover oil changes and scheduled maintenance. Drivers do not have to worry about trade-in values either.

Buying a car comes with benefits as well. Buyers can own their vehicle outright when they pay off their loan. Owners gain equity in their vehicle thorough the life of their loan. Once buyers own their vehicle, they can do just about anything they please with it. If you’re interested in learning more about available financing options, simply stop by and see us here at Skalnek Ford and a staff member will be happy to talk with you.

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