Moving People and Cargo in the 2017 Ford Transit Connect

The 2017 Ford Transit Connect has sliding doors that allow passengers to enter even if there are other obstructions nearby such as parked cars. These doors have a height opening of 44.9 inches, so it should be easy for people to bring along any large baggage. Once the passengers settle down in the second row, they have the option of storing bags and other items in overhead compartments that are nearly identical to those in aircraft. The Ford Transit Connect has a rear door opening height of 45.1 inches, so packages and boxes can be easily loaded and unloaded. This versatile van can successfully transport a payload of just under 1,300 pounds. Additionally, this model offers a towing capacity of 2,000 pounds.

At our dealership, you have the chance to try any of the three editions of the 2017 Ford Transit Connect, which is a small van that's optimized for commercial use.
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