2018 Ford Fiesta May Not be Sold in U.S. Markets

It's been a well-known trend in the auto industry for several years now, SUV and crossover sales are booming. The driving force has a lot to do with falling gas prices, and millennials reaching parenting age.

As gas prices fall, Americans lose interest in small, fuel-efficient cars, and start shopping for trucks and SUVs. Millennials—the largest demographic since the Baby Boomers—are starting to have kids, and growing families also mean growing passenger space and cargo requirements.

That's why, despite the lack of any official confirmation from Ford, we're inclined to believe Fiesta program manager Robert Stiller's statement to a Romanian automotive journalist: "The previous model has been a global Ford product, but with the new generation we are targeting only Europe, the Middle East, and Africa."

Sales of the Ford Fiesta in America are on the decline, with the Ford Focus selling roughly four times as many units last year. The all-new 2018 Fiesta may never grace our showroom.

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