2018 Ford F-150 vs. 2018 Toyota Tundra


The New 2018 F-150 gives you 5 options for Engines that you might want in its new fashionable body. These options for engines gives you the opportunity to have a truck that either be more gas efficient or a truck more than capable at towing or hallowing its payload. The decision just comes down to what tasks you will be using your vehicle for.

For people who depend on their trucks every workday, it comes down to one all-important question: can they get the job done? At Ford, we take it to major steps: how can we build trucks that go that crucial extra mile and then some? We design by the principle that the best truck for today is the one engineered to meet the challenges of performance, efficiency and dependability long into the future. So we subjected F-150 to over 10 million miles of cumulative torture-testing to earn its "Build Ford Tough" badge. And it more than delivered. It's no surprise that the F-Series remains the top-selling truck brand overall.

Think F-150 capability has been outstanding in the past? Today's F-150 is not only capable. It's strong yet lightweight, delivering impressive towing and payload. But that's not all. Towing is easier for this F-150 - and for you too, with class-exclusive technologies like the available Pro Trailer backup Assist feature. And F-150's cleverly designed pickup box helps you work smarter and more productively.

Tech Smart
The New F-150 Line has SYNC 3 which allows you to hook your smartphone up to the vehicle. Along with the Ford Pass allows you to keep tabs on your vehicles location, mileage or how much gas you have left in the tank. You can now turn your vehicle into its own Hotspot for Wi-Fi, which will make you the ideal person for those long trips or a Tailgate event. Also don't forget about all the additional options you can have on your truck like Trailer Backup Assist and a 360 camera system, which will give you sight lines on all those pesky blind spots.

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New 2018 Ford F-150

2018 F-150 has 5 Engines Available

Aluminum-Alloy Body and Steel Frame

3,270 lbs for Maximum Payload

Front of the Line in Tech with Ford
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