2018 Ford Explorer

Introducing the 2018 Ford Expedition


The New 2018 Ford Expedition has been redesigned inside and out to fit into our technological advanced society. The aluminum body design provides the strength needed for safety while providing less overall mass to save on gas mileage for a vehicle of its size. The entire exterior has been redesigned to offer a classical luxury look. While the interior continues the trend of luxurious comfort with its spacious seating, and the technological updates you would desire in a second living room on wheels.



Third Row Seating

The third row seating has been redesign to allow adults to sit back there without having to sit in a perpetual squatted position.

The way Ford was able to do this was to provide independent suspension to the rear wheels, which then gives the third row 12" inches of additional leg room to its occupants.

Vehicles in the same size range that still use the (solid-axle) suspension design will have a harder time competing with models with the new rear wheel independent suspension design.

The cargo bay offers a large surface area for your belongings to be stored in. The third row seating is able to fold flat to give the minimal amount of obstructions to slide objects across the cargo space. The cargo protector also prevents objects from rolling out of the cargo space when the tailgate is opened after a trip. This lip is the only major obstruction you will have to overcome when you are loading large heavy objects into the cargo space.

One special feature the New 2018 Expedition has is its 2nd row seats ability to tilt forward to allow its passengers the least amount of obstruction, when they maneuver to the 3rd row seats. This feature will be immensely helpful to families with children's car seats. The car seat is able to stay in place on the second row seat and tilt forward to allow the passenger to move on through to the 3rd row.

Built-In Headrest Monitors

The Expedition offers two built in screen to the 1st row headrests to give its passenger countless hours of entertainment. The screens offer multiple ports for plugins along with a built in DVD player. Each screen can display different source material based on the occupant who is using it, which will cut down the arguing on what to watch. Passengers that download the Ford Play App will be able to control the screens with their Smartphones as if it was a remote control in a living room.

Expedition Tech SYNC

Ford's line up of New vehicles offer the SYNC connect feature for 4G LTE data bandwidth with AT&T. Which gives the vehicle Wi-Fi within the vehicle and Hotspot to transmit the service up to 50 ft. away. The only thing to remember besides downloading the Ford Play App on your smartphones is to secure your Wi-Fi internet in the vehicle just like a router in your home. The Expedition is able to connect up to 10 different devices to its internet service. Another vital addition to the Expedition are the seven USB fast charging ports, four 12V DC ports and one 110V/150W AC port. The front seats also have access to a Smartphone charging pad, so if you have the special battery in your phone you will be able to charge your phone without having to plug it in.

Panoramic Moon Roof

A big feature the New Expedition has over its older model  is the panoramic moonroof for the spectacular viewing pleasures. When you or your family are traveling they will now be able to take in all the sites no matter the angle.

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