2018 Ford Expedition Verse 2018 GMC Yukon

Expedition Comfort
The new 2018 Ford Expedition is your second home but on wheels. The Expedition offers a very spacious experience, where even a full sized adult can sit comfortably in the 3rd Row. The Expedition also offers you two independent monitor headrest so the passenger can enjoy some entertainment while on their journey.

Wifi HotSpot
The Expedition offers its owner the ability to connect up to 10 devices to its internet so none of its passengers will be without the most vital part of communication we all have grown to rely on. (AT&T 4G LTE data bandwidth)

The Expedition can hold its own when it has 3.5L V-6 engine that produces 

  • (375 horsepower for XLT & Limited), and (400 horsepower for Platinum).
  • (470 lb.-ft. torgue for XLT & Limited), and (480 lb.-ft. torgue for Platinum).
  • Max towing (9,300 lb. for Expedition and 9,000 lb. for Expedition MAX).
The Tech in the Expedition
The SYNC3 allows you to link your phone and the vehicle together for more ease and care free experience to do more tasks hands free. You can now take Amazon alexa with you on your trips if you already have an Amazon account by using the new alexa+SYNC3 App.  

The newly designed 2018 Expedition is ready to take on the large SUV market with its new looks and very practical interior Tech.

If your Interested in the
New 2018 Ford Expedition
Panoramic Sunroof 

Fold Flat 3rd & 2nd Row Seats

Tip and Slide 2nd Row Seats

Two 8 Inch Monitors Built Into The Headrests 
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